Got a dirty gun?

We can fix that! Let's face it, we all love to go to the range and have fun, but we hate to clean our guns afterwards. You're not alone. Patriot Gun Cleaning can take care of the dirty work for you so you go enjoy doing what you love.

By Appointment Only

Because we are a home-based business we need you to make an appointment to drop-off your guns. Once your drop-off your guns, the typical turn around time is 1-2 business days (usually the next day).

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Currently we are only cleaning GLOCK handguns. We are not cleaning shotguns, rifles or AR's at this time. Please check back with us as we add others.

Gun Price Currently Cleaning
Handguns $40.00 Yes
Shotguns $50.00 Coming Soon
Rifles $50.00 Coming Soon
AR's $75.00 Coming Soon


We offer a 10% Discount to our amazing first responders (Police, Firefighters, Paramedics and Military). Because you put your life on the line for us every single day, the least we could do is give you a 10% discount for every gun we clean for you. It's our way of saying, "Thank you for your service!"

All you have to do is show us your first responder ID card when you come to pick up your super clean guns.

Our Cleaning Service

We provide deep cleaning for all firearms using an ultrasonic cleaner. This is not your typical field-strip cleaning most people do on their own at home. Below are the basics of each step of the process. Included with each cleaning service are before and after photos of each firearm so that you can literally see the difference! We also provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back. If you have any questions about our cleaning service, please contact us.

1. Full Strip-Down

We strip-down the firearm completely, per the manufacturers recommendations. This is much more than the typical field-strip you're used to doing at home. If we observe loose contaminants, we will remove them with a brush to help preserve the effectiveness of the cleaning solution.

2. Deep-Clean

Then we place all firearm components (minus grips and stocks) into the ultrasonic cleaner for a super awesome deep-clean. After the ultrasonic cycle we inspect all the parts to make sure they are completely clean. If any residue remains we will run the parts through another ultrasonic cleaning cycle.

Our ultrasonic cleaner uses Simple Green HD Professional as the degreasing agent which will not harm bluing, aluminum etc like other cleaners.

3. Dry - Completely

We put the gun through a rigorous drying process to make sure that every part is 100% moisture free.

This process includes: First, immediately hand-drying all parts as soon as they come out of the ultrasonic cleaner. Second, all parts are blown out with with a high pressure air hose, so that no moisture is left behind. Third, a final hand-drying with a new seperate clean dry cloth.

4. Reassemble

The firearm is completely reassembled per the manufacture recommendations.

Some parts may be lubricated as the firearm is being reassembled per the manufacture recommendations.

5. Lubricate

The firearm is lubricated as per the manufacture recommendations. Applying the correct amount of lubrication is key. Too much lubrication can affect the pistol’s performance. Some parts may be lubricated as the firearm is being reassembled per the manufacture recommendations.

6. Store Safely

The firearm is then stored safely in our vault until you come to pick it up.

When you pick up your gun we expect you to inspect the gun to insure it has been cleaned to your great satisfaction.

Additional Cleaning Notes:

  1. Ultrasonic cleaning will not remove wear spots or other areas that are permanently stained due to age or normal wear.
  2. We are NOT a licensed gunsmith and therefore are not allowed to do any engraving, customizing, refinishing, repairing, restoration, rust removals, etc of any firearms.
  3. Customers will receive automatic text and email notifications when the gun is ready for pickup.
  4. We cannot return any firearms to anyone other than the person who dropped off the firearm.